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SME Finance

Run Your Business at Ease

For a business on the growth phase with a wide range of opportunities to explore for SME businesses that include Micro & Small Enterprises (MSE), timely availability of credit is an integral ingredient needed to scale new heights. At OneCapitall we understand this and endeavor to be not just an NBFC but also your financing partner, so that you focus on your business needs whereas we cater to your financing needs.

Our services ranging from Short Term to Medium Term ensures that you get finance the way it is best suited for your business.

Short Term Loan: There may be occasions where you may need ad hoc or short-term finance for general corporate purposes, meeting temporary mismatches in working capital or for meeting contingent expenses. In such situations we provide Short Term Loans for tenure up to a year so as to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

Medium Term Loan: Given the growth opportunities your business enjoys you may need medium-term funds for capex or capacity expansions or plant modernization and so on. Keeping these requirements in mind we provide term loans up to acceptable tenor with suitable moratorium, if required, and repayment options structured on the basis of your estimated cash flows. These loans are primarily secured by a first charge on the fixed assets acquired through the loan amount. Suitable collateral security is also taken whenever required.

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